beautiful soul!

Do you know the secrect to happiness?


beautiful soul!

Do you know the secrect to happiness?

our passion


making gratitude the way of life

we believe

gratitude is the key to happiness

A sense of gratitude has been shown to have the most significant relationship with life satisfaction, which – for many, if not the majority of people – is what makes us happy. ​

in our products

Our products are carefully designed with love and scientific and numerological insights, as our deepest desire is to help you reach your new gratitude mindset as quickly as possible.


We believe that we create our reality. How we start and end our day – and everything we do in between – can predict a lot of things: our attitude, our productivity, our success.

Β Let gratitude overflows your life.

what others say…

My boyfriend and I both got Gratitude mania bracelets about a year ago, and haven’t taken them off since. We love the design and the quality of the material. I work with cleaning products and my hands are in water all the time and while all other (more expensive) bracelets got ruined, Gratitude mania shows its true quality. I would recommend to anyone who needs a little reminder to stay in the attitude of gratitude wherever they are.


The gratitude journal is really the next best thing. The deisign of the journal is beautiful. It guides you through every day and it makes it easy to write.

I love it!


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