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Daily Gratitude Affirmations

Daily Gratitude Affirmations

Affirmations are positive, simple reminders or statements that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself or others. Often it’s a lot easier to affirm others than it is ourselves, but we need to remember to encourage ourselves as well. They can be said out loud, or inyour mind (often repeated) with confidence and conviction to help you reprogram your brain or reach a stated goal. Here we are offering you 7 gratitude affirmation which you can use daily.

More than a just another bracelet – Gratitude Mania bracelet

Več kot le zapestnica – zapestnica ustvarjena z namenom

This is a story of our gratitude bracelet. Simple, yet elegant. Made to wear it everyday, made to connect you with the feeling of gratitude and help you get into the vibe of this amazing high frequency of gratefulness.  There is no doubt that our world is more...

The 3 Scientifically Proven Facts of Gratitude

3 znanstveno dokazani učinki hvaležnosti

  Over the last few years the world started to recognize the importance of gratitude as the key element to become happier human. Learning how to be thankful for life’s simple wonders can truly transform our lives forever. This is not just mumbo jumbo positive...

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